We are short animated film makers on topical subjects you may not hear too much about in the mainstream media outlets. We aim to tap people gently on the shoulder and say: "Do you know about this?"

Even though we are tongue-in-cheek our films always carry a serious
underlying message. Our main ethos is to make films anyone can watch and understand.From School kids to grandmas. We avoid cuss words and gore by sticking to our favored 1950's style, up-beat and good 'ol US of A propaganda.

Each film takes around a minute a month in total production time. From writing, storyboard, final composition, rendering, voice over music, sound effects and final sound mixing. We are always open to working with 2nd or 3rd year students who have something to offer in these fields and who would like some experience of working on a live project.

Each and every pixel you see is hand-drawn by Paul Davies from the imagination and research of Kirk Rutter.

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